Amnesia Haze Auto



A huge yielding, Haze dominant hybrid that is ready to chop in just 70 days. She will grow vigorously and flower expressing her full-blooded Sativa heritage, so is better suited for growers with experience and plenty of growing space. Her potency can hit up to 22% THC We strongly recommend this strain to growers living in a hot climate growing outdoors, where this autoflowering hybrid will really take off in height and produce enormous yields. Also for indoor, for growers who are looking for big productive plants.

Bud description

The buds from Amnesia Haze Auto are much more condensed than normal haze varieties, and they can be described as thick, with hard calyxes packed together. Capped in resin with bright orange hairs, her structure is both chunky and large-sized. The aroma is a mixture of citrus, orange, and tangerine that has a floral background.

Smoke report

The high that Amnesia Haze Auto creates will be a soaring, cerebral roller coaster that stimulates all the senses. Upon smoking, users will feel focused and highly motivated, however that energized feeling will later switch to a more lethargic, relaxed mindset that is perfect for promoting the inner philosopher. Great for musicians, writers, reading, gaming or just hanging out at home with friends.

Plant Appearance

Some plants can grow as tall as 150cm meaning Original Auto Amnesia Haze is one of the taller autoflowering strains available. She will grow with large spacing between her internodes, and over the flowering period will develop a bushy, yet tall growth structure typical of a Sativa dominant strain. She will glisten with trichomes and throw out large-sized bright orange hairy pistils, and during the final weeks prior to harvest will frost out covering all surrounding leaves. Once ready to harvest, this lady will have a tall and chunky appearance.

 Taste Lemon, Peppery, Herbal
 THC Up to 22%
 CBD < 1%
¬†Harvest EU Indoor 400 ‚Äď 650 gr/m2
¬†Harvest US Indoor 1.3 ‚Äď 2.1 oz/ft2
¬†Harvest EU Outdoor 70 ‚Äď 300 gr/plant
¬†Harvest US Outdoor 3 ‚Äď 11 oz/plant
 Size XXL
¬†Height 90 ‚Äď 150 cm
¬†Height US 35 ‚Äď 59 inches
 Flowering 10 weeks
 Room Indoor/Outdoor
 Gender Feminized
 Genes Sativa 70%/Indica 30%
 Genetics Amnesia Haze Autoflowering
 Autoflowering Yes

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Auto Feminised 1 Seed Pack, Auto Feminised 3 Seed Pack, Auto Feminised 5 Seed Pack, Auto Feminised 10 Seed Pack


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