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Why should I buy Auto Colorado Cookies feminised seeds?

Auto Colorado Cookies is an easy to grow autoflower variety with a good yield. In the hands of an experienced grower very high yields can be achieved.

It is an Indica-dominant hybrid auto with American genetics from the well-known Girl Scout Cookie variety. This strain is known for her very tasty, super sweet and fruity buds. A delight and a must-grow strain for fans of USA cannabis strains.

Auto Colorado Cookies does well in all types of growing systems and mediums, growing fast in both height and width with a large main bloom and many smaller side blooms.

If you like a very relaxed yet powerful effect, then this is the strain for you. The high is potent and soothing.

Auto Colorado Cookies has a sweet and fruity aroma and high potency

Auto Colorado Cookies is known for its unique terpene profile which provides an intense sweet and fruity flavor and a wonderfully relaxing effect. It is loved for its sweet, tropical and berry flavor. Some phenotypes can show a slightly more earthy, woody (pine tree) character beyond the sweet aroma.

However, this is rarely dominant. Her buds vary from a hybrid structure (thick and compact) to a sometimes slightly more open Sativa-like structure with foxtails. All flowers are covered with a solid white layer of trichomes which can be quite sticky.

Auto Colorado Cookies has sturdy long buds and a powerful narcotic effect

Auto Colorado Cookies is a medium sized autoflower with sturdy long buds and a powerful narcotic effect. She will usually grow large long buds that will be well stacked from top to bottom. There is also a smaller phenotype that stays slightly more compact and bushier. Although this phenotype has smaller buds, they are very compact and hard, which ensures that even this smaller plant will give a good yield.

In the beginning most plants have a compact and bushy character, but once the real growth spurt comes, more of the hybrid character of this strain will emerge. Some plants show more features of a Sativa with slender long fingers on the leaves and many branches.

What kind of genetics are there in Auto Colorado Cookies?

Genetics come from our original, hugely popular Auto Blueberry and an exceptional “Girl Scout Cookie” clone from Colorado known for its heavy indica effect with a sweet tropical mango flavour. The hybrid retains the strong fruity aroma, as well as the intense feel good stone of the original Girl Scout Cookie parent.

The result is a beautifully balanced hybrid autoflower strain which combines a robust, fast-growing plant with a good yield and a very fruity and sweet aroma. A real dessert cannabis strain for the connoisseur.

Auto Colorado Cookies produces strong plants with a good yield and very potent weed

Auto Colorado Cookies is an Indica dominant hybrid autoflower with a good yield. This XL autoflower grows in about 10-12 weeks into a THC-rich autoflower plant with a very strong smoke / vape quality.

Like many of our autoflowering varieties, this is an easy auto to grow in any grow medium or grow system. You can grow her as a single plant or with multiple plants per m². She thrives in a SOG setup with multiple plants per m² and only a few plants per m² in larger pots.

Make sure that she is either germinated directly in the soil (and final pot) or that she is repotted to the large pot after a maximum of 2-2.5 weeks. Keeping this autoflower variety in a small container for too long can have negative consequences for the yield.

With sufficient soil, nutrition, water and light, this autoflower can grow into a beautiful Christmas tree shape with a large main bloom and many heavy side buds. Her plant structure can best be described as medium to large.

The internode distance is average and the leaf structure is more like an Indica during growth and a bit more like a Sativa during flowering. Different phenotypes can show different physical characteristics. Auto Colorado Cookies branches quickly with many side buds and can therefore become quite wide.

The genetics used for Auto Colorado Cookies guarantee the following properties:

An easy to grow autoflower with potent buds and a good yield
A very sweet and fruity variety that gets particularly sticky
A + quality buds, this auto produces buds with a strong terpene profile and high THC content
Auto Colorado Cookies is one of the sweetest and most flavoursome autoflowers on the market. These strong plants also deliver a good yield in an average of just 11 weeks.

Effects of Auto Colorado Cookies

This Indica dominant hybrid autoflower provides a strong and long-lasting high. She has a high THC content which provides the powerful effect. Her effect is best described as potent and physical, it only takes a few minutes for the high to kick in. The head high is pleasant and not trippy.

Many users experience a relaxing physical effect with a feel-good happy high, which ensures that you can relax after a stressful day. This makes this strain very suitable for smoking in the evening or before going to sleep. It will relax your body and mind and will ultimately ensure a good quality night’s sleep.

The bloom time of Auto Colorado Cookies

This autoflower only takes 11 weeks on average to finish flowering from seed to harvest. She grows medium to tall, in general most plants will reach about 75cm in height, but there are exceptions which can reach to around 100-125cm. This strain does well in the standard 10-15L pots, but in a slightly larger pot she will also do very well and provide you with a rich harvest!

Auto Colorado Cookies will mainly grow in width in the first weeks, but from week 4-5 this growth will go vertically more and more. Don’t be alarmed if she has grown a few centimetres in a day. During weeks 5 and 6 this lady can grow very fast and if you were to sit in your grow room for a few hours, you could even see this growth with your naked eyes.

The yield of Auto Colorado Cookies

This XL yielding Dutch Passion auto has very resinous buds that smell incredibly sweet and fruity. The plants are strong and produce compact flowers that are bursting with trichomes. Most phenotypes deliver genuinely rock hard buds which ensures that even the smaller plants put enough weight on the scales. When dried, they still feel hard and compact.

Indoors with the right setup, she can yield between 450-500g/m² without too much effort. In the hands of an experienced grower, yields in excess of 600g/m² are possible in a SOG setup with (preferably) strong LED lights. She also thrives outdoors, yielding an average of around 50-100g per plant, provided she receives adequate sunlight and nutrition. She will also do well on a sunny balcony.

Advice from our experts

We do not recommend topping/fimming this strain, as you will miss that big, thick main bloom. This is the bud that can carry quite a bit of weight. Also, it is wise not to stress her too much in order that she can reach her full potential.

Do not harvest her too early, because that will not benefit the final potency and yield. During the last 2 weeks a lot is still happening. Try harvesting her with slightly more amber trichomes than you may be used to with other strains. This transforms the high into an even more relaxing effect so that you will sink into your couch and forget all the fuss and stress around you.

Information about Auto Colorado Cookies

The freedom to now grow without restrictions in Colorado has resulted in the emergence of excellent genetics with an incredibly intense flavor, aroma and potency. This variety is well suited for growers looking for potent USA genetics with fruity flavors and a relaxed effect.

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