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Why should I buy Banana Blaze feminized seeds?

She is an easy to grow feminized photoperiod cannabis strain.
It is a strong plant with which you can also achieve good yields without the use of complicated growing techniques.
Banana Blaze is a compact Indica dominant hybrid with a relatively short flowering time of 8 weeks on average.
She has a fruity and unique terpene profile that tastes like bananas. This is one strain that is definitely worth a try!

Banana Blaze has a sweet, fruity and creamy banana aroma

Banana Blaze is full of buds with a delicious aroma at harvest. Most plants have a sweet and fruity character, often with the aroma and taste of a banana. These are the tastiest and most delicious phenotypes! There are also phenotypes that have slightly more pine-like and floral notes. In general, the aroma profile can best be described as creamy, fruity and musky. A distinct warm, fruity and sensual mix of terpenes.

Banana Blaze has sticky buds that grow large and heavy

This banana Indica is an Indica dominant hybrid with thick, full buds. The flowers become very sticky at the beginning of the flowering phase when they are only producing white hairs. These large round bulbs eventually grow into large buds that will be quite heavy. Give her enough attention and love and she will reward you with a great yield!

What kind of genetics are in Banana Blaze?

The special genetics come from a great Banana Indica from the Dutch Passion gene bank from the 1990’s. We had saved this “old school” banana Indica for a special development program such as this. The team was very impressed with the terpene profile of this banana Indica.

Banana Blaze has tasty compact buds that provide a good yield

Banana Blaze is an Indica dominant strain with a compact plant and bud structure. She is selected for her unique flavor profile and high yield. She belongs to our Afghani Kush family because of her genetic background. A true Indica born from the same regions as the legendary cup-winning Mazar and Master Kush varieties.

She is a compact plant which thrives without the use of complicated growth techniques or methods. This makes her perfect for beginners who have never cultivated a cannabis plant before. Growing her naturally, without complicated growth techniques has its advantages. There is less risk of things going wrong and this is ideal for novice growers. They can then focus on the most important things, such as fine-tuning the climate, light, water and food. This plant practically grows herself.

This strain will stretch a little more in bloom than most Indica dominant strains in our collection, such as Bubba Island Kush or Night Queen. Her central ‘main cola’ can grow into a bloom of epic proportions in the right conditions. A dry weight of 15-30 g for the main bloom is the rule rather than the exception.

Her plant structure can best be described as compact to medium. The internode distance is relatively short and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that lean towards the Indica side – thicker and wider. This feature also makes her less suitable for growing in a SCROG setup.

The genetics used for Banana Blaze guarantee the following properties:

A compact plant with sturdy branches and thick leaves.
An easy-to-grow plant suitable for beginners who want to grow great tasting cannabis without too much effort.
Beautiful chunky and heavy buds that smell wonderfully strong.
Banana Blaze is a great strain for the novice grower. She is easy to control and doesn’t require any special nutrition or growing methods.

Effects of Banana Blaze

This Indica-dominant variety gives you a great, relaxing body stone. It is clearly noticeable that this strain consists mainly of Indica genes. Expect a wonderfully relaxed feeling during (and after!) smoking/vaping this strain. The effect is mainly physical with a slight mental buzz. Ideal for hanging out on the couch or relaxing after a busy long day. A small bud is enough for a thick joint because the buds are so compact!

The flowering time of Banana Blaze

Banana Blaze is a fast bloomer. Normally, the flowering phase lasts an average of 8 weeks. However, there are phenotypes that are a week faster or a week slower. So in general the flowering time will be between 7 and 9 weeks. Unfavourable or non-optimised conditions can, as always, cause delays.

She stretches during the first 2.5 weeks of flowering, maximum 3 weeks. The plants can roughly double in size and the growth is steady, without excessive jumps. After 3 weeks the buds are full of white hairs and the next phase can begin!

The yield of Banana Blaze

Banana Blaze has a high yield in a relatively short period of time. The most hybrid-looking plants are those with the highest yield. The most Indica dominant plants are the most compact plants. These may have a little less yield, but a faster flowering time. Especially for a SOG setup, these Indica dominant plants are the ones to look for. They are ready quickly with a nice thick compact bloom, easy to grow and quick to cut.

When grown well, Banana Blaze will give heavy yields due to her numerous heavy yielding side branches. If grown naturally she can have a Christmas tree structure, with sturdy flowers and a great yield!

On average, yields of 400-450g/m2 are possible. Outdoors, she will grow to about 2 to 2.5 meters tall and can effortlessly yield up to 500-1000 grams per plant. She can be grown outdoors in any climate, but beware of long moist periods near the end of bloom. Due to the size of the buds they are more susceptible to mold.

Advice from our experts

If you treat this lady lovingly, she really will reward you. We do not recommend cracking and bending branches as they can break rather quickly. Her branches are very stiff and strong, which makes cracking more difficult and is only recommended for the most experienced growers. It is best to grow Banana Blaze naturally or in a SOG setup.

Be careful with a humid climate. Try growing her indoors in a dry climate, maximum 50% humidity, but preferably lower. We also recommend that you ensure sufficient air movement. This minimises the chance of mold and bud rot.

In terms of nutrients, Banana Blaze does not require any special or complicated feeding schedules. For the best and tastiest result, we recommend growing her completely organically.

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