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Parents: Brainstorm Haze C-pheno (female) x G13 Haze (male)

Flowering Time: 80-100 days indoors

Hybridization Ratio: 95% Sativa / 5% Indica

Effect: Uplifting high followed by a strong creeping body high effect

Smell/Taste: Old-school woody, sandalwood flavor

Yield: 600-700 g/m2

Environment: Indoor/outdoor/greenhouse

Potential uses: This strain is great for pain relief but allows you to still function

The Brainstorm Haze G13 came to fruition during the selection process with the original Brainstorm Haze. Around that time we had acquired the male G13 cutting from our colleague Soma. We had an amazing Brainstorm Haze phenotype, full of THC glands, that turned out to be a special mutant with very small bud formations but with a fragrance and resin content second to none. We decided to use this phenotype to cross it with the male G13.

The resulting cross had the hybrid vigor that was astounding! The yield and size of this strain will indeed stand out in any garden as it is certainly massive in size and in bud structure. Some farmers have reported yielding up to 1000 grams more than with a typical commercial strain. As with most land race sativa-based strains this one takes 14 weeks to finish. That is 98 days which seems like a lot of time but in reality you will be well rewarded. As far as medicinal aspects go this strain is one of our strongest, the G13 aspect of it gives it a powerful creeper stone that is common among some of the other G13 crosses.

The Brainstorm side of the plant gives it a rich woody sandalwood flavor, very typical of the South East Asian landraces. The G13 haze also gives it a pungy haze middle taste that bites the tongue as you inhale. A really powerful flavor for the haze lover. If you are willing to put in the time you will be well rewarded by this one. The yield is phenomenal, it does get tall but tops out around 1.5 meters. It does like big pots or bins and can take a heavy feeding.

Recommended for the more experienced growers as the extra patience and feeding time can be difficult to achieve.

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