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Cobalt Haze Feminized is an indica / sativa hybrid, offering growers the best of both worlds. Previously called Sensi #11, Sensi Seeds’ community chose both its place in our permanent catalogue, and its new name. Its genetic pool features world-renowned strains, such as the award-winning Silver Haze, Blueberry, and Afghani #1.
The sativa influence means that the plants can grow to towering heights, while the indica results in generous yields. Cobalt Haze produces a pleasantly fruity aroma and thrives in sunny, Mediterranean climates.

Growth pattern of Cobalt Haze Feminized

Cobalt Haze Feminized cannabis seeds were developed by Sensi Seeds. The strain has an impressive genetic pool, featuring plants like Silver Haze, which has won multiple awards; dependable indica Afghani #1; and deliciously fruity Blueberry. This balanced parentage can be seen in the sativa-like heights of the plants, and the indica abundance of the harvests.

The seeds are feminized, which means only plants which flower as though they’re female will be produced. This makes cultivation easier, as it reduces the need to identify and remove male plants. It has an average flowering time, so growers won’t need to wait too long until harvest. However, it’s important to be aware that this strain, like many sativa-dominant variants, is capable of growing to substantial heights, especially when planted outside.
As the harvests are substantial, growers can anticipate the plants forming plenty of buds during the flowering stages. When cared for properly, in the right conditions, it’s relatively easy to maximise the yield without putting too much effort in.
Cobalt Haze performs best in Mediterranean countries, or any location with a warm climate and a long summer.

Effect, taste, and smell of Cobalt Haze Feminized

Cobalt Haze is a balance of sativa and indica, and this is evident in the high, the aroma and the taste. Users report experiencing deep relaxation upon consumption, though there’s a noticeable sativa uplift, often accompanied by a burst of mental alertness and creativity.
The Blueberry influence is noticeable in the fruity scent and taste, though it’s also possible to detect a hint of citrus and skunk.

In a nutshell

  • The strain was chosen and named by the Sensi Seeds community; it was previously called Sensi#11
  • Its genetic pool includes the Cannabis Cup-winning Silver Haze, and Blueberry and Afghani #1
  • The plants can grow to towering heights – something to be aware of if trying to cultivate them discreetly
  • The high is a blend of sativa and indica, and is uplifting and relaxing
  • It’s a feminized strain, which results in plants that will grow and flowers as females

Seed Type: Feminized strain
Sativa / Indica: Sativa / Indica Hybrid
Flowering Time: Average flowering period
Height: High plant
Yield: Large yield
Climate Zone: Sunny / Mediterranean

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