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The Easy Haze / K-13-Haze variety is a backcross that inherits the best qualities of its two parents: its vigor and its dense and compact structure, from its Yumbolt ancestor, and the leaves with thin leaflets, its incense aroma and its clear sativa effect come from its second parent, Kali Mist (Western Winds).


Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation. Highly productive.

This is a plant that is easy to grow and offers a high production. It presents a very abundant and dense branching, so it is recommended to grow it in SCROG. Its internodes and overall size are relatively short compared to other sativas.

It has a good tolerance to excesses, deficiencies, temperature stress, diseases and pests and is particularly resistant to excess humidity, an all-rounder.

It also adapts very well to outdoor cultivation. Cultivated in the ground they reach a gigantic size and a very high production, their branches are completely covered with buds with formidable tails covered in golden resin. Topping is a good option to keep the plant lower without losing yield. To keep its size under control, we recommend 25 to 50 liter pots.

Both outdoors and indoors, the larger the volume of the pot, the larger the plant will be.

Taste and effects

Both the flavor and the aroma of this Haze variety give away a citric and metallic nuance reminiscent of tropical pineapple. As the curing process goes on, more incense nuances are perceived.

Its effect is clearly Haze, it is not suitable for tasks that require concentration. In short, it is a sativa variety with a high THC concentration that gives it a magnificent and pleasant psychedelic effect.

Genetics: Special K S1
Sativa-Indica content: 70%-30%
Indoor flowering: 55-65 days
Outdoor harvest Northern Hemisphere: Late September, early October
Outdoor harvest Southern Hemisphere: Late March, early April
Indoor yield: 450-600 gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 600-2000 grams / plant
THC: 21%

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