Lemon OG



Lemon OG has a very powerful and pungent smell! It is a rich and fruity Kush aroma, with a deliciously sweet, lemon citrus taste with hints of spices, herbs and peppery kush. This zesty, fruity/citrus Kush aroma is rare and genuinely special. If you grow Lemon OG you will find it a real pleasure to spend time in the grow room with your plants and enjoy the sweet lemon aroma. There aren’t that many leaves in the flowers, which makes trimming the generously sized buds quite easy. You will need to wear gloves during harvest, because your hands and arms will become covered in an unmistakable lemon fragrance and a strong skunky Kush smell which is hard to remove! The lemon terps come out strongly on the inhale, you may notice a tingling in your throat. The earthy, spicy Kushy terps will be very noticeable on the exhale. Overall, a very pleasing citrus dominant Kush terpene profile that makes you long for more!

(Super Lemon Skunk x OG Kush)

8-9 weeks flowering period
65% Indica 35% Sativa
Plant size indoor: 0.7m – 1.2m

Tips from the Super Sativa Seed Club Master Breeder

Lemon OG tends to stay low and doesn’t stretch excessively. With a strong indica content, we recommend giving her a week or two more veg growth than you normally do. This helps optimise the yields.

8 Feminized seeds

Fem Gem

CUP-Win-SSSC.png Cannabis Cup Winner

Size: XL 500gr m2

THC: 18% > 20%

Rich and fruity, with a delicious sweet lemon citrus taste and hints of spicy peppery Kush

Happy & euphoric. Strong pain relief, perfect for sleeping

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