Mandarin Dream XL Auto



Mandarine Dream XL Auto is one of our top producing auto-flowering varieties capable of pushing out up to 650gm2 of aromatic freshly squeezed Orange juice flavoured buds in just 9 weeks from germination.

Her parent strain, Cream Mandarine Auto, is a descendant of Cream Caramel Auto, a cup winning heritage which ensures flavour and potency is consistently delivered in abundance.
Super Thai ’98 adds to the mix a strong uplifting and energising sativa twist with earthy, spicy and wooden undertones while also ensuring she yields very heavily.

Mandarine Dream XL Auto is a big girl who continues to stretch out nicely all the way throughout her flowering phase allowing her to reach upwards from 1.1 to 1.5 meters.

She creates multiple branches which fill out nicely with densely packed bud sites which will need extra support once she begins to really put on her weight.

Her resin and THC production are both very high thanks to her indica/sativa profile and both these traits being handed down from her parents.

The overriding flavour is freshly squeezed Orange juice with citrus notes, while her aroma delivers clean and fresh citric scents.

Sit back, relax and melt away into a mindful paradise while you indulge in a sweet cocktail of flavour and mind melting high.

Harvest Time: 9 weeks from Germination
Yield: Up to 650-700gm2 indoors (up to 170g/plant outdoors!)
THC: up to 23%
Genetics: 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

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