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Nepal Jam x Kali China is one of the most complete and interesting sativa/indica hybrids we have bred in recent years, combining many desirable and positive traits in one plant.

Sativa dominant hybrid with small, compact and columnar structure, very manageable and easy to grow, ripening in just 8 weeks of flowering. Its dense and resinous flowers of medium size and good flower/leaf ratio produce a very happy and kind sativa effect, with mouth watering sweet, honeyed and incensey terpenes.

Nepal Jam x Kali China almost has it all. It’s also a very uniform and versatile plant, both indoors and outdoors, making this strain an excellent choice for growers looking for high quality sativa hybrids with only 2 months of flowering time, for colder weathers or that can be grown in small spaces along with other short flowering indica strains, without delaying the growing cycle..

The new and improved version of this F1 hybrid has been bred using our new best parental plants of Nepal Jam (F7) and Kali China (F4), fruit of our latest selections of both strains, being able to show beautiful purple colours at the end of flowering, especially when the flowering takes place with cold temperatures.

Genes: 60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Flowering indoors: 56 days (8 weeks)
Yield: Average – High
THC: 15 – 18 %

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