Purple Berry Punch



Purple Berry Punch is a powerful and overwhelming indica introduced for experienced consumers only but perfectly suited to first time growers.

She’s known to quickly and completely over ride your senses, take full control of the wheel and sit you firmly on your ass in a state of absolute relief and relaxation. Her physical high is accompanied by a calming, relieving and rewarding mental high allowing you to completely let go of all your strains and tensions while you ride on a wave of complete bliss.

She’s named after her sweet bursts of grape and berry flavours while carrying woody and kushy undertones. She’s also known as ‘Purple Star Killer’.

She’s a heavy THC producing mostly indica variety which is more suited for evening and night time use due to her sedative and relaxing effects.

Her terpene profile is shown to be effective for many forms of physical relief as well as mental relaxation.

Purple Berry Punch produces rock hard resin soaked buds that shimmer like diamonds and produce a very smooth exquisite smoking experience with effects lasting into hours.

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks
Yield: 500-550gm2 (1000g/plant outdoors)
THC: 25-29%
Genetics: Indica Dominant

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