Sweet Tooth Auto



Sweet Tooth Auto is a highly successful crossing of original Sweet Tooth (Hawaiian x Nepali) and an auto-flowering Ruderalis indica. This has resulted in a huge yielding and the most hardy, pest and disease resistant girl around who produces intensely sweet tasting and sticky glue like resin soaked buds.
She grows short and compact with heights of around 50 to 90cm indoors making her very manageable and will reach around 100cm outdoors producing a main central cola you can hide a can of Coke behind.
Sweet Tooth Auto’s bud development is rapid and vigorous resulting in monstrous yields of up to 200 grams per plant or 600+gm2 under 600W in ideal conditions in as little as 6-7 weeks of life.
Her effects are uplifting, energising, euphoric and focused with relaxing and calming properties to follow.
Sweet Tooth Auto remains our #1 recommendation for those looking for the hardiest and most disease resistant variety to ensure a completely hassle free growing experience with bumper rewards.

Harvest Time: 8-10 weeks from Germination
Yield: 600-650+gm2 (120-200g/plant outdoors)
THC: 13-16%
Genetics: 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

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